About Lisa

Lisa’s been called an alchemist and an inspiration. Her aim is to help women feel more beautiful and confident through wearing her jewelry creations. And let’s face it, attracting more compliments will brighten any day!

Lisa Chandler started selling her jewelry in October, 1999. Her style ranges widely from conservative to contemporary, and delicate to city-funk; but she always maintains an underlying flavor of femininity. She's a natural observer, noticing lines, angles, textures, colors and shapes everywhere as she goes in this wonderous world. This gift has allowed Lisa to sustain a business crafting solely one-of-a-kind pieces for over a dozen years, hence the tagline, "As unique as the women who wear them!"

There is also a spiritual quality in everything Lisa touches. Her creations are a meditation in motion; each a unique statement, cherished by women who adopt her pieces as a form of individual expression. Lisa loves the idea that each piece is somehow “meant” for a particular woman, and relishes the look of recognition in a client's face when she finds “her” piece.

Lisa works from her home studio in Austin, Texas meeting the demands of boutiques and private clients with her lovingly-crafted designs.